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Primary Logo + Submark

Primary Logo + Submark

The primary logo is the main graphic that represents your business and is used most often. When designing the primary logo, our goal is to communicate who you are, what you offer, or where you operate. This logo may include your company’s tagline, website, or geographic location.

  • Used most of the time
  • Includes full business name


Submark Logo:

A submark logo is a stripped down graphic of your main logo. The submark logo is used when the design must be resized to extremely small formats or to help communicate your brand quickly. Reading the text on a logo takes time, and we all know “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Help your customers quickly identify and remember you with a well designed sub-mark logo.


  • Commonly used online and on social media
  • Used when logo is resized to extra small formats
  • Includes single letter(s), number(s), or symbol
  • Turnaround Time

    7-10 Business Days