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A Masterclass on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur Content via Canva


Presented by Jaquoia Martin,
Founder & CEO at JS THE BRAND CO.

JS THE BRAND CO is a full-service brand strategist that specializes in helping businesses find their unique identities and create strategies that turn their vision into reality. We understand the importance of creating a strong brand identity and use our creativity and expertise to make that happen.

In this masterclass we will cover

  • Create your own on-brand Canva templates for your Instagram grid, Stories, Highlight Icons and Reel covers using your existing brand assets.

  • How to plan your Insta grid based on your brand aesthetic.

  • Learn the basic design principles to get your posts looking like you’ve hired a Graphic Designer.

  • Understand the best way to utilize Canva, and what not to use it for.

What you'll need for this masterclass

* Premium Canva account
* Access to using Canva Desktop or Canva in your browser on a PC


  • Intro to canva
    The difference between the desktop app vs mobile app Adding your Brand Style Overview (colours, fonts, logo) What Canva can be used for vs what it shouldn't be used for Should you use Canva to design your logo How to navigate the desktop app What's a pixel, and what pixel sizes are needed for each platform (Facebook vs Instagram, grid vs stories)
  • Basic Design Principles
    Using Alignment to structure your graphic The psychology of Colour and how to stay on-brand How to create readable content using Contrast How Hierarchy can transform your message Using Balance to create aesthetically pleasing content And Scale - how to design content in Canva that scales down to size when viewing on a smartphone or tablet
  • Designing Content
    Purpose: what are you wanting to communicate and what is the call to action Canva Grids vs Frames; which one to use and when Adding headers and copy to your graphic Adding photos and graphic elements How to find on-brand graphic elements out of the millions in the Canva library How to create engaging content that's still on-brand (reminders, quotes, count-downs) How to add your branding into your digital content
  • Brand Assessment
    How to assess and adjust your designs using the design principles Curating a grid on Instagram that's on-brand What’s the user experience of your brand visuals? Are your graphics reflecting your brand?
  • Repurpose
    Resizing your designs for multiple platforms; how one design can translate into many uses How to repurpose your designs to create brand consistency Is Canva Pro worth it for your business? Premium Stock Images & graphic elements Background remover Smartmockups & more
  • Bonus
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